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* Eiko[mini] falls out of a hole in the air, with a big black case on her back, a suitcase in her hand, and the sound of gunfire audible through the hole.
Rassilon: *startles. He didn't just tighten his grip around Jeff, nooooo.*
Jeff[female]: !
* Isis[mini] is quick to follow her through, gesturing to collapse the portal as she leaves. Unfortunately, she's probably going to land square on Eiko as a result.
Jeff[female]: ...are you okay?
* Isis[mini] is the younger Isis, black hair, blue eyes, paler complexion. (( ))
Soma[Futureyay]: Ah ... Eiko?
* Eiko[mini] oofs as she gets a shamisen case in the kidneys. She is the younger one, who looks totally Japanese. Also, as noted, kidneys full of instrument case.
Isis[mini]: @_@
* Soma[Futureyay] is the 30-something, short-hair, single earpierced verison of Soma.
Eiko[mini]: did... we... make it?
* Isis[mini] has a shamisen case in her back. Ow.
Isis[mini]: I think so. Ow.
* Jeff[female] looks like this: and has...kinda obviously been crying. >_>
Jeff[female]: Well, you did if you were heading for the Nexus, yes.
* Soma[Futureyay] goes to see if he can help the two up to their feet, or at least offer.
Eiko[mini]: ....then... yes. Um. Dear one. Ow.
* Isis[mini] will take that help, and offer Eiko a hand up too
* Phoenix_Wright comes back out with a small tub of chocolate ice cream. "Er, I'll get the spoon in a sec."
* Eiko[mini] takes the hand up. And one of her arms is bleeding slightly.
Eiko[mini]: I think we made it.
Isis[mini]: You got hit! Are you alright? *Isis is a bit disheveled herself, but, well. Barriers can block bullets for the most part. >__>;*
Rassilon: *blinks*
Soma[Futureyay]: What happened?
* Phoenix_Wright hands Jeff the tub and goes for the spoon. If he had two working hands, this would go faster, but.
* Soma[Futureyay] bites his lip at the sight of blood.
* Eiko[mini] looks, and rolls up the slightly bloody sleeve. "It was just a graze." She shows the bleedy burnlike mark.
Isis[mini]: Still, we should, er. Do something about it.
Eiko[mini]: Oh. Um. A number of people became most angry and shot at Isis's father's house.
* Phoenix_Wright comes back out and passes Jeff a spoon.
Eiko[mini]: Yes. We should.
* Jeff[female] seems a bit calmer, and takes it. "Thanks, Phoenix. Sorry. This little unexpected." She laughs sheepishly.
Soma[Futureyay]: Yikes. Well, there is the clinic that you can stop by, though there might be a first aid kit in here. *He looks to Jeff, wanting to make sure he's all right as well*
Phoenix_Wright: Er, don't worry about it.
Eiko[mini]: I think just some bandaging would suffice. It is just a graze.
* Eiko[mini] goes to look for the first aid kit
Rassilon: *Jeff has a Rassilon snuggling her who doesn't look as though he's going anywhere any time soon.*
* Soma[Futureyay] brushes imaginary dust off of his shirt, and moves to flip up the lapels of a coat he no longer wears.
* Isis[mini] shall help her look, Isis drops her backpack next to the bar (It probably lands a bit heavier than it should, too, which might explain why she's not trying to use too much magic at the moment. Between that /and/ the portal X_x; )
* Phoenix_Wright rubs the back of his head. As long as Jeff has someone, he supposes.
* Jeff[female] digs into the ice cream. "Keyser was really upset about me LOLing myself," she sighs. "I can't really blame him, I guess, but..." She trails off.
* Eiko[mini] unslings the big black case. "Oh, and I apologize - I will move the suitcase when I finish this."
Rassilon: Upset at you? Whatever for?
* Phoenix_Wright thinks. "You two are linked, right?"
Soma[Futureyay]: Huh.
Rassilon: ... Is he ... also ...?
* Jeff[female] shrugs, scooping up another spoonful of ice cream. "It's unpleasant for him either way. Even if it didn't transfer, he gets sick to his stomach when I'm LOLed."
Phoenix_Wright: ...but what you're saying is it did. [THERE'S a pretty mental image.]
* Isis[mini] finds the first aid kit. Although she blinks at it, it says 'FIRST AID' in Klingon today. O_o
* Isis[mini] (unfortunately, Isis doesn't recognize it as Klingon, but eh)
Rassilon: ((XDXD))
* Jeff[female] grimaces. "I'd rather that didn't get out, actually. He's pissed enough as it is."
Rassilon: ((It ain't gonna have much IN it if it's Klingon...))
Isis[mini]: (( XD ))
* Soma[Futureyay] pours himself a second glass, and offer the one he poured earlier to Jeff.
Rassilon: ...
Rassilon: ...
Jeff[female]: ((Just a note that says "SUCK IT UP, YOU WEAKLING WITH NO HONOR. B|))
Jeff[female]: Oh! Right. Thanks.
Rassilon: ((And a bottle of prune juice.))
Phoenix_Wright: As God is my witness, I have no idea how to respond to this.
* Rassilon is not going to snerk. He is not. He is NOT. NOT GOING TO...*
Rassilon: ... *snrrrrkkk*
Soma[Futureyay]: I am actually left speechless
* Isis[mini] pops it open, and it does have everything it should, just.. the instructions are all in Klingon, the brand names, /everything/. ..And yes, there's a bottle of prune juice. ..Or she thinks that's prune juice, judging from the label.
* Rassilon is turning red trying not to laugh.
* Eiko[mini] sighs, and starts to bandage herself.
* Jeff[female] elbows him. Becasue it's totally not funny.
Jeff[female]: >_>
* Rassilon emits another snerk. Tries to stop grinning. Ends up making a series of very amusing faces.*
* Soma[Futureyay] is trying not to laugh at the Time Lord.
Phoenix_Wright: [For a guy who doesn't mind gender-swapping himself, he's getting a lot of mileage out of this.]
* Eiko[mini] is bandaging herself, and looking a little confused.
* Isis[mini] leans back against Eiko.
* Jeff[female] leans against Ras at the same time.
Rassilon: ... Sorry. ._.
Jeff[female]: It's all right.
Rassilon: *snugs*
* Eiko[mini] then goes to get the suitcase so that no one trips over it.
* Isis[mini] goes to get her backpack as well, anyone sensitive to such things will feel a light magical ping when she does, mainlybecause it's half-levitation going on at the moment. (That, and she frigging hammerspaced the thing, is it any wonder it's heavier than normal?)
* Jeff[female] glances down at the ice cream. "This works suprisingly well."
Soma[Futureyay]: It's probably the combination of the cold, and the sweetness.
Jeff[female]: ...the chocolate seems important somehow, too.
* Rassilon leans his head against Jeff's.* I think it's the delivery system. The sugars and cream and theobromine on their own wouldn't be enough but all of it together and cold, that seems to fit the bill.
* Isis[mini] will claim a couch over here.
Phoenix_Wright: Heh. Yeah, Maya will go through buckets of the stuff when she's depressed.
Phoenix_Wright: [...or in that time of the month, MOVING ON.]
Soma[Futureyay]: ((haha))
* Phoenix_Wright yawns. "I think I might call it a night."
Rassilon: Goodnight, Phoenix.
Soma[Futureyay]: I should get back, or she'll start to get worried.
Jeff[female]: Good night.
Phoenix_Wright: Night. Hope you feel better soon, Jeff. And see you, Soma.
Isis[mini]: Erm. Goodnight. ^^;
Rassilon: *You have a Rasblanket, Jeff.*
Eiko[mini]: Have a most pleasant evening.
Jeff[female]: Thanks. I should be okay.
Soma[Futureyay]: Night Phoenix.
* Phoenix_Wright heads into the side rooms.
* Rassilon waves to all who are leaving.*
* Soma[Futureyay] fiddles with the gold band on his ring finger. "Hope things go better for everyone else here. And if the version of me that you know comes around, be nice to him."
Jeff[female]: I will.
Soma[Futureyay]: Thanks. He'll need it. *He ducks out*
Jeff[female]: ...:\
Rassilon: *sigh*
* Rassilon steals the spoon and oms a bite of ice cream. HA.*
* Isis[mini] roots through her backpack a bit--well, a bit more than a bit--to fish out her spellbook. There's a sigh or relief when she realizes it hasn't been damaged. /Phew/.
* Jeff[female] actually manages a giggle and steals it back. Ha *HA!*
Eiko[mini]: All is well?
Jeff[female]: It'll be fine.
Isis[mini]: Seems to be. At least the most vital thing. *She pats the cover of the spellbook* I can check everything else later.
Rassilon: *grins. All part of his evil plan. He doesn't have another spoon that appeared with a flicker of green. Nope.*
* Jeff[female] double-takes. Whoa.
Rassilon: *hmm. The ice cream and spoons vanish with another flicker of green.*
* Isis[mini] kinda just blinks at that, and leans on Eiko. Oof. Long, long day.
* Eiko[mini] puts an arm around Isis, looking also a bit tired
Rassilon: Well, I think sleep is the order of the day for everyone, soon. *He picks up the sleeping Jeff from the sofa--yes, he's several inches shorter, pardon the teke use--and heads for a side room.*
Isis[mini]: At this rate, I'm, er, inclined to agree
Eiko[mini]: The past half hour have been inordinately exciting.
Eiko[mini]: *dryly* gunfire tends to be that way.
Isis[mini]: ..indeed.
* Isis[mini] hopes her dad got out in time (He did, she just doesn't know it)
* Eiko[mini] levers herself up. "should we see if our rooms re still here?"
Isis[mini]: Probably a good idea, yes.
* Isis[mini] stands, stretching, and gesturing. With the spellbook as a little boost, she can levitate the hammerspaced backpack with her.
Rassilon: Goodnight. *he disappears into the sideroom with his sleeping companion for a night of oh-so-hot n steamy ... sleep. woo.*
* Eiko[mini] extends the handle of the rollersuitcase, getting her instrument case, and also disappears into the side-room to find the rooms they were in last time.
* Isis[mini] and Isis heads with, backpack drifting with her.
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