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A little bit of silly fluff that I just have to share. Because it was fun and funny.

[Sunday, December 9, 2007]
* Eiko[mini][yard] steps out, and eeps, then bounces back in. Then she comes out, wearing shoes this time.
* Isis[Yard] is out here! Perhaps no further proof is needed that she's a kid at heart: She's playing in the snow, using magic to do so! She's wearing her scarf and a coat, and her tennis shoes too.
* Eiko[mini][yard] is wearing jeans and a t-shirt and is now wearing shoes.
* Isis[Yard] is gesturing, and the wristband on her wrist occasionally glows when she does. Snow moves about with her gestures and movements, as magic energy is used to do this. Part of the reason? She's just in an exceedingly good mood and needs to burn off energy. Plus, it's. Uh. Distracting, from other issues!
* Isis[Yard] may not know she's being watched, quite yet.
* Eiko[mini][yard] walks across the snow, not leaving any footsteps, towards Isis, almost silently.
* Isis[Yard] 's back is also to Eiko, she's made a snowman, and now she's just playing around with it. It's rare she gets to do this, too, hence why she's doing it.
* Eiko[mini][yard] gets close and, with an evil smile on her face, pats Isis on the rump.
* Isis[Yard] SQUEAKS in surprise, and that.. uh. Whatever it was she was making up of the snow, collapses as she jumps and whirls around, blushing like whoa.
<Eiko[mini][yard]> Hello.
* Eiko[mini][yard] has a far less evil smile on her face.
* Isis[Yard] just got ninjagroped. She's gonna be blushy! "Surprised me!" She sticks her tongue out at Eiko, still blushing.
<Eiko[mini][yard]> Yes, I did. *kisses the tongue*
* Isis[Yard] blushes worse, but kisses back, hugging her, too. "Sleep well? I saw the snow out here, and... it's been a long time since I've seen any..."
* Eiko[mini][yard] hugs back. "I did. And I... saw too much of it a few years ago. But I am quite fine with watching you play."
<Isis[Yard]> Well, I don't get to see much of it in California, so... *A little shrug* I just.. /wanted/ to. *They can, however, head back inside, now. She's cheerful, today.*
* Eiko[mini][yard] beeps her nose. "No, no. I can sit near the door, and you can play. I will watch and not sneak up on you again."
* Eiko[mini][yard] pauses. "And then get you some tea."
* Isis[Yard] blinks. "Okay" She beams a bit. She's okay with that, now. <3 Hmmmm. She regards the snow a moment, then.
* Eiko[mini][yard] brushes off a bench and settles down on it.
* Isis[Yard] 's wristband shimmers again and she gestures! Apparently she's attempting to build a larger snowman than the previous one. Practicing elemental magic with REAL SNOW is rare as hell, since she usually had to make it on her own (And even then, it wouldn't last too long, California and all)
<Isis[Yard]> (( and while that goes on I AFK for food and such ))
<Isis[Yard]> (( @_@; ))
<chi> ((wots goin on out here? :O?))
* Isis[Yard] is out here messing around with snow, using MAGIC!
* Isis[Yard] is apparently a kid at heart for doing that.
* Eiko[mini][yard] is sitting and watching with an amused look on her face
* chi PINpoints out here! And promptly shivers - she's only wearing harem pants and a t-shirt. "... Okay, I need to work on that."
* Isis[Yard] is, as previously stated, from California. Snow is a rarity to her, especially this much.
<chi> ((er.))
<Isis[Yard]> (( WRONG NICK, CHI DEAR. ))
* Shuitet did that. Yeah.
<Isis[Yard]> Hi Shuitet~
<Shuitet> Hi~
<Shuitet> How are you guys doing?
* Isis[Yard] gestures and little bits of snow swirl around Shuitet in a wide arc and up into the air. She's just... enjoying the moment, really.
<Isis[Yard]> I am doing well!
<Shuitet> Yay! \o/ *watches the snow* Hey, that was cool.
<Isis[Yard]> ^_^
<Isis[Yard]> All it is is frozen water, a little wind, and a little direction~ *Gesture and it does it again nearby
* Eiko[mini][yard] smiles, watching.
* Isis[Yard] is comfortable with these two individuals. Eiko a lot moreso than Shuitet, but she has no qualms about being more outgoing in front of both, since, as stated, she has a comfort level with the both of them.
<Eiko[mini][yard]> hello, Shuitet.
<Shuitet> I know, but it's still pretty. And, hey, I can't do that.
<Shuitet> *wavewave to Eiko!*
<Shuitet> Hold on, I should get a coat. *briefly PINpoints away and then reappears with a long, black (of course) coat with black (of course) faux fur trim.* :D!
<Isis[Yard]> Oh, I like that coat.
<Eiko[mini][yard]> It is very nice.
<Shuitet> Hee! Thanks. It's a little more practical than it looks, I swear. *finds a place to sit that isn't utterly covered in snow and sets about making teeny little snowmen. She's wearing gloves, too.*
* Isis[Yard] , herself, is wearing a long red scarf, a jacket, jeans, and tennis shoes. She's been out here a while, so that's pretty much why. She's not wearing gloves, but as she's demonstrating in her play, she doesn't need too.
* Isis[Yard] ...a potentially evil thought enters her mind >.>
* Eiko[mini][yard] is wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but appears to be not very cold.
<Shuitet> *to Eiko* Aren't you cold, hun?
<Isis[Yard]> <,<
<Eiko[mini][yard]> Not terribly, yet.
* Isis[Yard] gestures, and snow swirls up above her hand, and sling.
<Isis[Yard]> **Shuitet will note she's been PIFFED WITH A SNOWBALL.*
<Shuitet> !!
* Isis[Yard] is the picture of grinning innocence.
<Eiko[mini][yard]> ..are you, now?
<Shuitet> No, I'm fine! I'm warmed by the fires of raaaaage that burn inside me! *is obviously joking, but she gathers up a few handfuls of snow into a ball and slings it right back at Isis!*
* Isis[Yard] squeaks as she's pelted with snow, giggling like a loon. She gestures her hands down again, and two more snowballs form, which are launched again at Shuitet! "HA~"
* Eiko[mini][yard] smiles brightly.
<Shuitet> Aaa~! *she ducks one and is hit with the other as she scoops up more snow and throws it at Isis again* Don't make me come over there, young lady!
<Eiko[mini][yard]> *two snowballs hit them each from the side. Eiko is the picture of utter innocence.*
* Isis[Yard] is pelted-- THREE TIMES. "!!"
* Isis[Yard] wait, twice
<Shuitet> o.o
<Isis[Yard]> Joining us, are we? *Griiiinning brightly at Eiko*
* Shuitet scoops up more snow. "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, Eiko."
* Eiko[mini][yard] displays her hands, which are dry. "I have taken no action...."
<Shuitet> You used your feet, maybe. >_>
* Isis[Yard] wonders how she did that. Will ask later. She, will, however, gesture, form a new snowball above her right haaaand, and SLING at her girlfriend (Who is, yes, Eiko).
* Shuitet does similarly!
* Eiko[mini][yard] takes then in the face, with apparent utter stolidity.
* Eiko[mini][yard] opens her eyes. "So," she says, the snow falling off her face, "it is war." And then she moves.
<Isis[Yard]> (( >XD ))
<Shuitet> o.o;; [She's amazing. And cute. Amazingly cute!]
* Isis[Yard] is already creating more snowballs that float just past her hands, grinning and playful like a loon.
* Shuitet feels woefully outnumbered and outpowered here, throwing a snowball at Isis again just for good measure.
* Eiko[mini][yard] goes straight up, to the roof, from a sitting position (!). Up there, she waits in a crouch.
<Isis[Yard]> --!
<Shuitet> !
* Isis[Yard] is pelted, and damn Eiko can jump.
* Isis[Yard] launches one of her snowballs at Shui, and the other at Eiko!
* Eiko[mini][yard] dodges the snowball, and jumps off the roof, flinging a snowball each at Isis and Shui!
* Isis[Yard] is totally hit! She squeaks and forms two more, which are flung quickly at Eiko!
<Isis[Yard]> (( ..and for some reason, my brain is picturing this occurring in slow motion. ))
* Shuitet decides that since this is WAR and there are NINJAS now, to try actually dodging. She dodges both snowballs - though, Eiko's by a much more narrow margin, and throws one at Isis because she's easier to hit at the moment.
* Eiko[mini][yard] gets hit by one of the snowballs, and lands, rolling, and comes up to poofing a double-handful of snow - not snowballs, but loose - at Isis!
* Isis[Yard] shows off a new little trick for Shui, since she sees that one coming. She holds up her hand, like to stop it, and the Snowball's trajectory obviously changes, taking a wide curving path around Isis to fire it back at Shuitet!
* Isis[Yard] laughs at your silly laws of physics, although Eiko gets her again.
<Shuitet> Wha?! *she gets hit by this one, and tosses one at Eiko this time.*
<Isis[Yard]> Magic~ *And another for Eiko! She's having a blast, doing this.*
* Eiko[mini][yard] catches the snowball and returns it to Shui (badly), somersaulting herself backwards and getting hit in the butt by the one Isis threw
* Isis[Yard] totally got her back for that earlier surprise buttpat, now. Shuitet's getting another one slung at her, too!
<Shuitet> I'll magic you right between the eyes! *she easily dodges Eiko's throw and uses her cane to block Isis' (is that even fair play?) before somehow... okay, did that second snowball come from her CLEAVAGE?! How is that even possible?! Anyway, Isis and Eiko each get a snowball, but Isis gets the cleavage one - which is really more of a slushball at this point.*
<Isis[Yard]> (( XD ))
* Isis[Yard] is smacked with that one, totally deserving of it. She giggles like nobody's business at that, too. Even if she is blushing a little at how her aim ended up!
* Eiko[mini][yard] grins, and looks at Isis, then cartwheels; her hands pick up snow, clap together, and she flings the snowball at Shui's cleavage.
<Isis[Yard]> ! *Gigglefit, and she launches more snow at Shuitet to distract her, so she cannot block the attack on her Shuitits!*
<Shuitet> ((XD!!))
* Shuitet puts her arms up to cover her face, but her cleavage is left wide open. She squeaks and blushes when Eiko's snowball hits her cleavage. "Th... that's mean!"
* Isis[Yard] has no vulnerable cleavage, thanks to her coat, alas.
<Eiko[mini][yard]> It also, I note, makes your chest develop more texture. I think that is excellent.
* Eiko[mini][yard] stands still for a moment.
<Isis[Yard]> <,<
* Isis[Yard] glances at Eiko
* Shuitet blushes a bit more. For once, she's the one being surprised and blushy rather than the one making all the moves.
<Isis[Yard]> Besides.
<Isis[Yard]> You're the one making them all vulnerable by wearing that shirt~
* Isis[Yard] is blushy as hell when she says that, but..
* Eiko[mini][yard] is looking a little flushed. She may, in fact, be on the rise of one of those surges.
* Isis[Yard] is starting to feel it as well. Uh-oh...
* Isis[Yard] is, currently, standing relatively close to them both.
<Shuitet> It's for easy access. So that I can do THIS! *she scoops the snowball out of her cleavage and smushes it into Isis' jacket-covered boobs.*
* Isis[Yard] that is a SQ-WEAK madam, and flailing to unzip the jacket to fish snowball OUT
<Isis[Yard]> (( Chi has to go >_> ))
<Shuitet> ((wanna say that they dragged Shui off and had their way with her? >.>))
<Eiko[mini][yard]> (( .....I'm OK with that. ^_^ ))
<Isis[Yard]> (( I'm okay with that if Meph is XD ))
<Isis[Yard]> (( \o/ ))
<Isis[Yard]> (( we can do the 'aftermath' to that later ))
<Shuitet> ((\o/))
<Shuitet> ((Yes! sorry for heading off so suddenly! BBL!))
<Isis[Yard]> (( BAI <3 ))
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