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Say hello to [livejournal.com profile] oppositionwalks, the Isis Alternate.

This Isis hails from Modern Earth (Year as of time of writing this: 2008), and is nineteen years of age. She's originally from Los Angeles, and is notably different in appearance.

As her icons will indicate, she is paler, has black hair, and blue eyes, and frequently wears contacts instead of glasses (although I'll usually specify which, if prompted). Her resemblance to normalIsis is passing at best, really, you need them together in the same room to tell they're alternates.

Her Birthday: Isis's November 02, in the year 1988 - See also: This post.

Her Sexuality (as this does *MATTER* to some, including myself): Lesbian, knows and embraces this, but if you want to get technical, she's closer to 'Eikosexual', at the moment, as she's that attracted to her. This is to say she does notice other women, but for the most part, doesn't really care.

Her Personality:

Isis is somewhat shy, especially in terms of meeting others and new people. She has difficulty maintaining eye contact for extended periods of times. She is comfortable in the presence of people she knows, and preferably well, and will generally open up a bit more if she feels comfortable around an individual. Isis feels she's better at one-on-one interactions, than group ones, and will generally seek them out, out of preference.

Being from Earth, she has some grasp on pop culture and the references therein, but she prefers to read rather than watch television.

In school, despite her apparent physical attractive appearence, Isis was pretty much a classic wallflower, one who didn't get involved in much, and tended to go unnoticed. She was a good student, otherwise, though.

Her History (Shortened, some stuff will be added as I get ideas):

Isis Macrow was born to Tori Menes and Anton Macrow, and her mother died when she was five years of age. Aside from this, Isis's life was fairly normal up until she turned fifteen, and her ability to use magic manifested. It was at this age, her father revealed to her who her mother really was. Tori Menes was of the 'Arediks' family of magic users. Who protected various magical artifacts across the world. Unfortunately, Anton lacked the ability to train Isis properly, even if he gave her the spellbook that Tori owned.

As such, on top of her shyness, Isis's high school years were filled with awkward times a-plenty, as her control over her abilities was self taught, and tied into her emotional state.

After graduating high school, Anton advised Isis to attempt to find her aunt Sarah, who might be able to help Isis gain further control over her powers. Unfortunately, Anton didn't know Sarah well, nor knew where she was.

Which lead to Isis using a spell known as the 'Summoning Gate' in an attempt to find her.

This Gate lead her to the Nexus.

Through a series of events, Isis is in a relationship with Eiko, and is currently recieving training from her as well.

They're living on Isis's Earth in a cabin near a small town.

Her Abilities:

Isis's powers are a lot like her alternate, only on a more 'fantastic' and 'magical' sort of scale. Whereas the Skydera!Isis's magic has *SOME* pseudo-scientific backing, OW!Isis's powers have even less of one. Seals, drawings, everything has purpose and meaning in a mystical sense, as well as concentraition and gestures.

Think of her as sort of an "Ultimate" Isis, in terms of powers. However, to counterbalance this, Isis's powers require a focus of some kind, or something made of silver to substitute. Without this focus, Isis's powers, when used, are raw and uncontrolled, and can have unpredictable effects. The spellbook listed below is one such focus. She is also extraordinarily self-taught in terms of abilities, so spells may not always work as intended.

As a note, This Isis can use Wizarding World wands, but they only have a fifty-percent chance of working correctly. Outside of narrative convention, a die or coin will be used to decide if the spell works, or backfires and has its opposing effect. What exactly the effect is will depend on the wand and spell.

For more on her magic, see here

On the more mundane scale, Isis is capable of drawing exceptionally well (an ability on which Bastet's artistic talent is based), and she has taken some self-defense classes. She is slightly athletic, although not as much as her older alternate. She's also somewhat good at using computers. She also knows how to play the piano.

Isis has also received training from Eiko (and she still is), and while she'll never be as good as Eiko at many of the things Eiko does, she compensates with magic and spells to make up for the differences.

Key items in her possession:

The Spellbook of Arediks - An Arediks Family heirloom, this spellbook holds many spells created, discovered, and frequently used by the family, and although it is not the only copy in existence, it is important because it is The First version of the book created. It is a thick, leather-bound book that is magically enhanced as far as durability goes, and has a lock on the front, as well as various bookmarks and notes written in it from its previous generations of owners. A family tree is in the cover of the book, this tree mysteriously stays up to date, and how, precisely, is unknown.

The back cover has the list of previous owners of the book, ending at its current owner, Isis. Anton is not listed, because he's not magically talented, and technically, the book was left to Isis in Tori's will. He merely kept the book until Isis was of age (note: Anton is listed in the family tree, not the owner list).

The spellbook is particularly important because it acts as Isis's main focus for many spells, and that it has enough power on its own, that if it's stolen, a particularly savvy individual can use some of the spells in it even without being born a magic user (and it's even more dangerous in the wrong hands). Although they'd have to find some way to pick the lock, mystically or physically.

Focus Wristband - An item Isis is rarely without, it has the Arediks family mark underneith the blue crystal on it. Isis usually uses this as a Focus whenever she needs to do so without the spellbook, having gotten better at using it, it's not as draining any longer.

More information will be added as it becomes relevant.

Isis and her family aren't the only "fantastic" thing in this version of Earth, they're just the only relevant thing in terms of RP in the current time.
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