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Name:Isis Maria Macrow
Birthdate:Jun 21
Website:Contact the Mun!
Name : Isis Macrow
Birthday : November 02, 1988
Age : 20
Height : 5'1"
Weight : 121lbs.
Hair Color and Consistency : Black, long and straight.
Eye Color : Blue, she requires contacts or glasses to see far off.
Distinguishable Marks : Small black tattoo on her lower back, an almost-abstract Japanese mark. This is usually hidden by her clothing.
Race : Human, Caucasian. (Possible mixed ancestry, although this isn't known)

Isis Macrow is an individual who stands at five foot one inch tall, is nineteen years of age, has black hair that is straight and fairly long, blue eyes, and wears glasses or contacts. To those of extrasensory ability, something is decidedly off about her, magically. Like she has a sort of link to the Balance of the world around her.

She is, to note, somewhat curvy, although she's gotten more athletic over time due to training she's receiving from Eiko. Her training is fairly extensive, as well, but Isis rarely mentions this training to others unless directly asked.

More extensive information that's too much to cram here in the profile. - Updated Sept 28 2008

How her magic works.

Contact Isis

((AIM is OOC contact only, if that one isn't on, try Kintotech on AIM. Contact me!This is a fictional character journal, Isis and her concept belong to her writer, MattKintotech, while I'm borrowing heavily from other myths and systems for how her magic works in a proper standpoint, I am (currently) making no profit from this. This journal is for roleplaying purposes on [info]dear_multiverse, among other communities. Other characters belong to their respective owners, as well. ))
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