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It's one of those things that can't be helped. Fish swim, birds--for the most part, anyway--fly, and there's the fact that Isis sometimes worries.

The fact that it's been a few weeks since their return to the Nexus, Isis wasted no time in helping Eiko reclaim their room, including setting up her laptop so that she could receive a message, should one ever come.

Take this knowledge, and multiply it by the fact that it has, indeed, been a couple of weeks, and you'd understand too.

Their return had been heralded by a hail of gunfire. Someone from the illegal fighting ring was able to track down where Eiko was staying at the time, and as Anton had suspected, there was a drive-by shooting.

He told the girls to get out. He'd handle himself, and he told Isis to collapse the Summoning Gate upon their arrival.

In her panic, she was able to do so, but at the cost of her aim, as she had sent them into the Sanctuary rather than Eiko's room.

Isis has not heard from her father since, and is worried due to this fact. Anton Macrow, she knows, is a survivor, a fighter.

But even with this knowledge in mind, wouldn't you worry a bit?
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Isis was never really a tomboy by any stretch of the imagination. She wasn't the girlyist girl that ever was, either.

Even so, she always found herself fascinated with storms. Ever since she was a wee thing--well. More wee than she is now, since she's not exactly a large gal by any standard. She was the sort that liked to play in the rain, despite her father's preferences for her not to.

It was almost always a strangely freeing feeling.

Now, in this area of the Nexus, it isn't raining. But stormclouds rumble overhead as Isis stands there in her coat and heavy pants, boots occasionally crunching in the snow as she shifts her weight.

Thunder rumbles in the distance. Isis grins, shifting her weight and pulling her hands out of her pockets. She's a bit hyper today, and she needs to practice with this to boot.

"Now." Isis murmurs to herself, "Let's see if I've gotten more control."

It's not that electricity was a stubborn element. Hell, it's one of the easier ones to call on, it's more of a factor that it wants to do its own thing and follow the path of least resistance as balance restores itself. Since lightning in-itself is a bit of an imbalance.

Isis takes a deep breath, closing her eyes and 'visualizing' the world around her through her extrasensory abilities.

And she suddenly gestures with her left hand, the seal of power forming around the currently-hidden-by-sleeve armband (The seal forms itself in the air, 'around' the sleeve, despite the armband being hidden from the world). Lightning arcs through the clouds, and thunder rumbles follow.

Isis opens her eyes, spying a long flagpole far down the way. Tall and metal, an easy supposed strike, right?
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Isis stepped into the room she had claimed off to the side of the Sanctuary.

She set her backpack on the bed... )


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