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Isis Maria Macrow ([personal profile] oppositionwalks) wrote2007-11-13 01:47 pm

Narrative - Gates of Power and Opening

Isis stepped into the room she had claimed off to the side of the Sanctuary.

She set her backpack on the bed and fished the thick leatherbound black book out of it. She sets the book on the floor and flips through it to a specific page. The page with the Summoning Gate.

The Summoning Gate was a simple spell to execute. It opens a portal between two places. The portal would then open near another specific point in which summoning gates are made. It could be activated anywhere, and send one to a specific location, or anywhere a summoning gate was laid.

Unfortunately, something went wrong with Isis's, which is what sent her to the Nexus.

So, she was going to attempt to make one in the Nexus. After setting the book in place, and snapping the wristband on her arm, she dug through the bag for the chalk. She opened the cloth bag and picked out the white piece of chalk, and set it in the book, while she then moved several objects around the room for better space and arrangement.

After doing so, she took the piece of chalk in one hand, and started drawing the outer circle over the floor, sending some of her power into the drawing itself. The lines glowed faintly on the dark wood floor. She then drew the inner circle next. "I really hope this works." If it does, she'll be back. She's met people here. People that seem to have something in common with her.

Heck, she still had that PINpoint thing. The next step of the Summoning Gate was to add in the symbols. Arcane and old, and causing the circles to glow more with power, energies rippling through them in a low, small thrum of power. Isis moved the book, and started to add the three final circles.

And then she ran into a snag. The three inner circles needed where she was, where she was going (or who she was trying to find), and who it was.

Two of those she wrote in immedietly, as even words have power, regardless of the language they're in. After a moment's consideration, she wrote in 'Nexus' in the 'location' circle. She then put the chalk back into its bag. She began the incantation, murmuring the words.

The symbols glowed brighter with more power.

Isis kept going through the spell, presumably, this would work. Energy arced about. And the gate activated. Forming brightly on the floor in a piller of light.

That flashed twice, and collapsed. "Ung.." Isis slumped down, blinking a little daisedly, "..What in the world..?"

"... Something's blocking me, right now." Perhaps she should look into one of the PMQ's, getting back magically might be a bit difficult

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